Ben and I printed some Mollom t-shirts and we're going to ship some to people that contributed a Mollom plugin or that took advantage of the Mollom API in new or clever ways.

We've just sent some t-shirts to Mattias (Wordpress plugin), Tijs (PHP5 class), Markus (Joomla extension), Jan (Ruby library), Andy (Python library), Wim (summer intern) and more. Let us know if you integrated Mollom in your favorite tool or service!

We also set aside some t-shirts for people that write the best Mollom reviews or otherwise help us spread the word in new, clever or interesting ways ...

Tshirt design


jpoesen (not verified):

I was thinking of using a botnet for a distributed "If you're reading this comment, someone didn't install Mollom" comment spam attack. Would that count as 'interesting'? Just say the word...

Inferis (not verified):

I'm not sure if you sent all contributors a t-shirt, but if you did send me one: the address on my dns records is stale. Otherwise, please discard this message. ;)