Morning ritual
Our favorite morning ritual: playing on the bed before work at 7:00am. Axl, our son, is 3 months old now.


Itkovian (not verified):

Awesome! One piece of advice though: make sure you learn him to stay in his bed too, otherwise you will have no chance at morning quality time with Karlijn alone during the weekends. This most likely means you should not wake him up, or try to get him to sleep an hour extra by giving his noukie or bear or whatever he likes. Thus far we managed to let Elias stay in his bed until 8:30 AM or even 9:00 AM.

Michelle (not verified):

Awww, how sweet. I love co-sleeping. Nothing better than waking up to that little face. My 2 year old is in his own bed, now, but the baby is still with us. Good stuff.


Evan (not verified):

We co-slept with my daughter until 18mos. I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. Cribs be gone! My daughter sleeps in her own bed now, but she still comes in in the morning for the same kind of fun snuggle time. Great photo too. You are quite a photog Dries. See my stuff on flickr under ecstaticist.

Feijó (not verified):

He has the mom's look! Lucky baby. :D

My daughter is 2.8 years old. Beautiful and smart like her dad. ;)