I'll show you mine, if you show me yours. What does your fridge look like today?


Poor student (not verified):

You wouldn't like seeing one where there is only water, vodka and some pizza from last night.


I'd actually love to see it -- it sounds like it could bring back sentimental memories. ;)

Karlijn van der Ven (not verified):

And tomorrow ... your wardrobe?

Kars-T (not verified):

Interesting. Your products do look very similar to the German variants. Even the meat plasticbox looks like from our Lidl discounter. I can't say I see fancy Belgian stuff in there. And you definitely like Danone yoghurt. I am getting hungry...

Maybe we can a social "Fridge Picture" network and recognise the products on the pictures automatically so we can make ads about "Hey want more Danone yoghurt products?" $_$

I'll make a picture of mine later. :)


Just to be clear: this is not a hidden Danone ad. ;-)

We don't usually have this much yogurt to be honest.

Jan (not verified):

What do I say a lot of times a day to my children? Close the fridge! Think about the energy!

You should close yours! It was opened long enough!

Marco (not verified):

@Ronnie Rocket - next time you need a location for a temporary site... may I suggest Drupal Gardens instead of Wordpress? ;)

About the fridge... mine looks pretty much the same when I go shopping while being hungry...

Joshua Rogers (not verified):

My fridge mainly looks like it's shared between a vegetarian (me), a guy who thinks that you can make a meal off bacon and a guy who leaves expired food in there until I finally throw it out.

seutje (not verified):

damn, look at all that vitalinea...

my fridge at

but usually there isn't that much chocolate and beer in there.
I know what you're thinking and you're right, there usually isn't anything in my fridge... vodka goes in the freezer :D

lola (not verified):

I like eggs, some vegetables and chocolate!