Last weekend, just 3 weeks after we launched Mollom, Mollom has blocked the one millionth spam attempt. That is a million tiny contributions to make the web a nicer place. Incidentally, Mollom also got mentioned on Techcrunch that same weekend. Milestone weekend!


Geshan (not verified):

Good news, well I've not had a chance to test Mollom or Re-captcha, but once I had a big spam problem on a Drupal 4.6 site in which neither Captcha nor Akismet worked. I upgraded the site to Drupal 5.2 and used Captcha. I'll try Mollom soon.


Matt West (not verified):

Yes! It works great. Based on this blog (and a few others) on your site I just signed up and am giving Mollom a chance on my VB Source site. Previously I had to monitor any comments people left on my Visual Basic tutorials and source code sample pages. Along with this I had automated (bots) leaving chunk messages that clearly had nothing to do Visual Basic or any development related information. I think its going to be a great fit! So far its working great and fit seamlessly in my sites architecture. I'm excited to see how everything works for the long haul.