A short video of Axl and Stan for our family and friends in Europe who don't see them every day. Axl started learning English 6 months ago when he started pre-school. It's fascinating to see how fast his English gets better. The video is shot with the Panasonic GF-1 and the Lumix 20mm f/1.7 lens that I got for Christmas two years ago.


Mien (not verified):

Leuk filmpje! Meer van dat, want we missen jullie hier zenne.
Dikke zoen


Yes, that was Dutch mixed with English, or vice versa. I only spoke English because I was filming. We normally speak Dutch to them and will continue to do so.

Josiah (not verified):

Wow, great job for 6 months of this crazy language.

I'm told by airplane pilots that the reasons helicopters fly is because they are so ugly the ground repels them. Apparently there is some rivalry.

Anonymous (not verified):

I'd like to say that you're very brave having a white sofa with two little ones.


These sofas are from IKEA. We've had them for 9 years so they actually pre-date our children.

Karlijn van der Ven (not verified):

And the covers are washable ... that helps to ;-)

Karlijn van der Ven (not verified):

LOL!!! When is your next trip to Boston, so I can wash them again ;-)

Serre (not verified):

Hehehe ... very cool indeed!

Even his 'een, twee, drie' in Dutch sounds a bit English ...

As long as they fly their helicopter over the table and don't start riding their pit-bikes in the living room ... nothing to worry about!

Please send us more!

Gian (not verified):

Try to talk to the kids in English and your wife in Dutch or the other way around. This helps the kids associate language with the parent so that they learn better. Great kids!

Tom Rogie (not verified):

En dat kleine helicopterke is die van papa zeker?
Mannen blijven kinderen, enkel de prijs van het speelgoed verandert hehe :-P

Veel plezier ginds!

PS: Wat denk je van de Panasonic GF-2? Schijnt nog compacter (ideaal voor mij tijdens paragliden)...