Paula teddy
A teddy bear sitting on a grave of a women called "Paula". I don't know her but based on her year of birth, I'm guessing that the teddy bear was a gift from a grandchild.

Ironically, my Nikon D70 died when I was at that graveyard. The thumb wheel at the back of the camera stopped working and the exposure is often incorrect. I can't afford to buy a new camera so I'm going to send it to Nikon for repair. This is the second time my Nikon D70 broke; last time it took 9 weeks and 195 € to repair. We'll see what happens but it looks like I won't be able to take or share pictures for a couple of months. Such is life.


Has to be a secret (not verified):


maybe ... you will have something to replace your D70 for a while real soon ... but is will require some patience, adaptation and a hip ...

Anonymous bastard.
(don't go peeking at my email-address, yet)

Steven (not verified):

It's about time you remove the following quote from your blog "Needless to say, photography is strictly a hobby and I'm hopelessly an amateur".

If one ever wanted proof that Teddy Bears are conscious beings too, they should look at this picture.

Steven (not verified):

As a follow up...

I would suggest that Nikon send you a complete replacement ASAP, together with an extra lens, as compensation for the significant down time you...

In turn they can link their website to your collection of photos as a living repository of what excellence you can achieve with their products ;-)

Hey Mr Communications of Nikon, are you listening ;-)

mads ny (not verified):

This is the best story and photo I've seen in a long time. I have something for teddy bears, they are so fine. This one is a really sweet and emotional think... I want my first teddy to go with me to ... :)

Nice shot.

HeAvEnS_AnGeL (not verified):

Thats so sad ... its a good picture ... art wise ... but I can't believe that the bear is still there.

joytheveggie (not verified):

In my 13 years of living in this world called earth, this picture makes me go sentimental, emotional and touched. I love it very much. :-)

Anonymous (not verified):

The eternal question: what does a teddy lover do with one's companions at the time of their passing?

Anonymous (not verified):

Poor teddy, left out there getting wet...

Anonymous (not verified):

its sooo cute yet i feel sorry for that bear. i have a link to people with sad happenings i feel sympathy for others real easily

Boots' girl (not verified):

The photograph is excellent - get back to shooting asap Dries.

Anonymous (not verified):

To answer one of your posters...
"The eternal question: what does a teddy lover do with one's companions at the time of their passing?"

In our case, you bury the stuffed animal with the loved one. As we did last week with my wonderful mother-in-law.

Your photograph evokes such STRONG emotion. WOW!

I just got my first SLR and hope that I can take such amazing pictures someday.

Anonymous (not verified):

Hello, In my art class this bear really inspired me. I have grown very attached to this bear, a bit odd but it is very touching. If anyone has any background of this bear, or Paula for that matter, please respond.

Oh and sorry for your camera!