Last week, we flew everyone at Acquia that joined before 2011, as well as their significant others (or someone of their choice) to the Caribbean to celebrate an incredible year. I wrote about the trip in my blog post titled "Acquia goes to the Caribbean". Now we're back from this amazing trip, I've uploaded my pictures to my Puerto Rico 2011 album and included some below. Work hard, live hard!

Beach on private island
Acquia catamaran
El conquistador pools by night


Betsy (not verified):

Sorry we missed it while we were in Savannah visiting family & friends. Looks like it was a GORGEOUS place and Stan & Axl had a blast! :)

Marc (not verified):

Thank you very much for these pictures because next time my boss will organize a team spirit event, I will first show him what a great company must do to keep the employees in top condition. Have a good time.

mori (not verified):

But he needs to upgrade: cause the future is video. ;-) I am very satisfied with a EOS D-500 but would recommend a RED or higher EOS 7D for full HD.