If you're a regular visitor to the Acquia website, you were probably surprised at what you saw the last time you stopped by. Aside from our new company logo, the whole site has a very different look, navigation, and main message points from a few days ago. This is the result of a project that has kept our marketing teams busy for the last few months.

Although this design represents the most profound website changes in the company's history, it's not the first time we've done this. Here is what our initial website looked like in 2008:

Acquia.com in March 2008
An early version of Acquia.com, with our original logo and tagline. March 2008.

... and in 2009:

Acquia.com in July 2009
Acquia.com in July 2009

... and until this week:

Acquia.com in June 2011

Finally, here it is today:

Acquia com in July 2011

Aside from obvious visual changes, we've tried to explain Acquia's products and services better. The experiences of the last three and a half years have shown us what people want from us, what we do well, and how to best match the two. I don't think we could have made our site so clear a year ago, and can only imagine what refinements future revisions will bring.


Mien (not verified):

Was niet zo'n super-fan van het oude logo... 't nieuwe daarentegen: wauw! Sweet.


Enno (not verified):

Um, it does not seem to be working well once it is in 720px mode. The main content does not fit anymore. This is Chrome 12 on Mac.

Mel (not verified):

Congrats to you and the Acquia team for launching the new website. It looks good, loads quickly and I haven't found any links that are broken yet so I'd say it's a successful launch.