Another post in my favorite music series. This time, a song from the Smashing Pumpkins, a band that I listened to a lot in the formative years of my youth. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was one of the very first albums that I ever bought. Many people loathe Billy Corgan's voice, but to me, his voice is what makes the Smashing Pumpkins so unique -- even today.


Nicolas (not verified):

Great, they were also one of my favorite bands in my youth. I was lucky to see them perform live twice.

Elijah Lynn (not verified):

That's a great song and I have never seen that video before!
Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Rex (not verified):

They're a superb band. I saw them once live, and was more impressed by the opening band, Garbage, than with SP. Billy was annoyed that the crowd was so subdued :)

Venzulo (not verified):

Huge fan when I was in college. We used to crank Geek USA on my roomate's stereo. I had a major crush on the bass player and am proud to say I got to see them 10 feet from my face at lollapalooza summer of 94. We worked our way to the front during Breeders and Beastie Boys' sets and got to see all my favorite songs before the crowd crushed me into the security fence front row. Had to be lifted out, then walk out right in front of the stage!
So awesome.