Apart from drinking a lot of lattes, I also picked up a copy of Tribal Knowledge at Powell's Books, rumored to be the largest bookstore in the world.


Steven (not verified):

Oh dear, reminds me of my trips to the US; lots of bookstore visiting. The number of books is huge and pales in comparison with Belgian bookstores.

Besides, the atmosphere invites you to buy a coffee and some snacks and start digesting the brainfood right away in the shop. Why can't they organise something like this in our country? A Borders like bookshop with annex coffee shop and some comfortable seating. Especially during the weekends, this was my favorite passtime in the US.

And I see they're still issuing warnings all over the place Careful, the brainfood you're about to enjoy can be very hot.

Have fun over there Dries!

Itkovian (not verified):

I agree with that Steven. The same could be said for places that offer free WiFi, e.g. a coffee shop, or a tearoom. They should do it -- provide reading space, that is -- at the Fnac, which would be very nice, IMO.

kev (not verified):

When I was at Fnac this summer pouring through bike maps of Belgium and Holland, I just parked myself on the ground for an hour or two. Squatter's rights!

Kjartan (not verified):

The Fnac in Antwerp has a little cafe in the middle of it now a days. They were still rebuilding the place last I was there, but hopefully it will be a nice place to relax and read when its all done.

Serre (not verified):

Wouldn't that latte look so much better in a genuine grey Starbucks-thermo-mug? ;)


No worries, I already bought you a metallic thermo-mug. :)

Amy Stephen (not verified):

Love my Starbucks Skinny Latte! And, my bookstores!

Dries - you have a fantastic blog with community building strength and your eye for great snaps is impeccable. Keep up the good work.