When I was 20, my favorite quote was: "Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss" (Douglas Adams).

Today, I turn 30, and while I'm still new to this whole thirties thing, so far I continue to really like that quote: let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable, let's continue to learn, and let's not take ourselves too serious.

With that in mind, let's end my twenties in style ...

Tah dries


grimgav (not verified):

Happy birthday =)
May u have all the universe luck =)

ariyo132 (not verified):

Happy birthday, Dries!

Welcome to the 30's
Just like in the fairy tales: May you live happily ever after... :)

Anonymous (not verified):

Happy Birthday Dries. Keep on being not too serious!

Attiks (not verified):

Ne hele gelukkige verjaardag, op naar de 40 :p

Archetoy (not verified):

happy birthday Dries!
You gave us life :) hope you enjoy your thirties, I just reached half way and it's still pretty fun :)
You can still throw yourself at the ground, and it's not the fall that hurts, it's the sudden stop @ the end.
Enjoy it mate!

Matt Farina (not verified):

Happy Birthday. We should all have a drink to 30 more.

Anonymous (not verified):

Happy birthday Dries! First time posting, but follow your blog. Know you probably hear this every day but just gotta say it, Drupal is a great system, and your leadership is exemplary.

Zamir Gori (not verified):

Wish you a very very happy birthday Dries !
May you enjoy your life at its fullest and be as productive in future as you are now..:)

Slave of Muham… (not verified):

Happy Birthday from Slaves of Muhammad(pbuh).

svd (not verified):

Happy birthday, Dries. You have created a great thing. Successes to you in the future.
Greetings from Russia.

Zga (not verified):

Hi, Dries!
Best wishes and strong health! Thanks for Drupal from Russia and Uzbekistan.

kleorn (not verified):

Happy birthday to you (from Russia too, heh)! Let next 30 be even more cool :)

Patolog (not verified):

Happy birthday! :) Thank you for Drupal. :)

Anonymous (not verified):

Happy B-day, man... and thirty seems so old...

Greetings from Indiana...