Yesterday I turned 29. One friend told me that, now I am 29, I only have one year left to make it in life. Another friend told me that, now that I'm getting closer to 30, people will finally start to take me serious. I guess their advice adds up.


Wim Mostrey (not verified):

Congratulations (I think ;) Since people can't tell how old you are by looking at you, actions ring louder than years. If that is the case, you have nothing to worry about :)

JoRap (not verified):

After twenty nine years, you have managed to fool around with Drupal, and your PhD. You should finally start getting serious with life. :D

Happy Birthday!

Kees (not verified):

Congratulations on your birthday!

More unasked advice:

Enjoy every day, even it's not your birthday. Even it is your 30+ birthday, enjoy it.

Muslim guy (not verified):

Congrats, you have done a lot, like Linus Torvalds, Braille, and many others.

Now how do we turn all the good deeds into something acceptable to God? By accepting One God that is. Turning 29, or turning 99, if you want your life to be a success in the world and hereafter, then accept the faith.

Mario Moura (macm) (not verified):

Feliz Aniversário!!!
Happy birthday!!!
from Brazil.

Stephanie Fraser (not verified):

Dear Dries:

You have your whole life to make it in life.

Enjoy your time. Treasure the days and live fully.

I am 43. I have two young daughters and my life begins anew every day.

I have only recently become hip to Drupal. What excellent fun it is!

Actually, I would suggest that, really, you have made it in life.... look what you have done so far: Drupal is magical.

So, Happy Birthday! And have a great year!

Stephanie Fraser