After taking Nele's picture, she took one of me wearing her shades.


Nele (not verified):

And he's looking so damn sexy with them. ;)

Steven (not verified):

Serre, I think it was the milkman. Pretty sure...

Dries, a lot of photoshopping to get that beard or did you just apply some roze korrel?

All the fun aside, nice picture! Handsome guy, must be one of ours Serre. ;-)

NPaul (not verified):

The sunglasses seem familar, the rest is an unknown object. Hope I can use this picture in my lectures about criminal background and identification of suspicious objects. Good for guards to learn what can be expected during "screaming night hours".

Jeroen (not verified):

Judging from that smile on your face, I think you might've been wearing more than "just" her shades...