While shopping in Antwerp this afternoon, we bumped into this old wasserette (laundromat). Very fifties, I might add.


bertboerland (not verified):

Very 50ies and very nice photo though the first shot is not completely horizontal and I would have closed the two doors. But nice shots.

Reminds me: in my village there is still a very old shop that has 4 telephone digits painted on the window. While it must have been 20 years ago or so since we have 10 digits for all locations.

Itkovian (not verified):

I don't think I like the second shot. But that has more to do with the oldness feel it spreads, than with the actual shot, I guess. The first one is great though.

Jonathan R. (not verified):

Is it a great shot because of the Levi's 501 commercial that we all have as a creative reference or am I missing something else here?