Contributed modules in Drupal deliver the functionality and innovation proprietary content management solutions simply can't match. With every new version of Drupal comes the need to quickly move modules forward from the previous version. For users of Drupal, it's crucial to know they can depend on the availability of modules when considering a new Drupal 8 project or migrating from a previous version.

I'm pleased that many agencies and customers who use Drupal are donating time and attention to maintaining Drupal's module repository and ensuring their contributed modules are upgraded. I believe it's the responsibility of Drupal companies to give back to the community.

I'm proud that Acquia leads by example. It was with great pride that Acquia created a Drupal 8 Module Acceleration Program, or MAP. Led by Acquia's John Kennedy, MAP brings financial, technical and project management assistance to Drupal module maintainers. Acquia kicked off MAP in mid-October and to date we have helped complete production-ready versions of 34 modules. And it is not just any modules; we've been focused on those modules that provide critical pieces of functionality used by most Drupal sites.

When MAP was formed Acquia allocated $500,000 to fund non-Acquia maintainers in the community. In addition, we have so far invested more than 2,500 hours of our own developers' time to support the effort (the equivalent of three full-time developers).

What is impressive to me about MAP is both the focus on mission-critical modules that benefit a huge number of users, as well as the number of community members and agencies involved. John's team is leading a coalition of the best and brightest minds in the Drupal community to address the single biggest obstacle holding Drupal 8 adoption back.

Drupal 8 has already made a significant impact; in the 90 days following the release of Drupal 8.0.0, adoption has outpaced Drupal 7 by more than 200 percent. And as more modules get ported, I expect Drupal 8 adoption to accelerate even more.


Shannon (not verified):

Let me just say, I think this is awesome. Thanks Angie, John, Dries & all the contributors for making it happen! Contrib is how we take the temperature of adoption progress, and it's wonderful to see it kickstarted like this. It's not an easy job to identify what is critical, or what will drive further use of Drupal 8; an initiative like this will surely bring more people into the Drupal 8 fold a lot faster. +1

John Faber (not verified):

Here at Chapter Three we have been large supporters of the Drupal 8 project. We actively invest in Drupal 8 every day, funding Alex Pott to work on it full time, as well as ensuring every employee and contractor has time to contribute.

Chapter Three is dedicated to continue our contributions back to Drupal 8 with our own self driven initiatives to port modules to Drupal 8.

Accelerating Drupal 8 Through Adoption is the Chapter Three core value for 2016.

We wrote a blog post you may be interested in reading.

A strategy the sales team at Chapter Three is adopting is not to let module ports be blockers for Drupal 8 sales. In many cases Chapter Three will port modules to Drupal 8 without making the customer pay for it. I encourage other shops to take the same approach.

Let's all try to accelerate Drupal 8 through real world adoption and contribution.

Alex Burrows (not verified):

Drupal 8 contrib is the key to keeping Drupal so popular and well used. Lots of agencies are unsure whether to work with Drupal 7 as it will be outdated or move to Drupal 8 and take time working on contrib modules that will benefit others. The key thing about the Drupal community is the community. It's amazing and we as a whole have achieved so much in making one of the best content management frameworks out there. I think this is a great move by Acquia and chapter 3 and many other existing agencies and will help keep us all in work and keep Drupal the huge success it is today.

Mohammed Gomma (not verified):

Very good approach it gives us the individual developers taking decision towards build new projects on drupal 8 besides being good experiment upgrading drupal 7 modules to 8 and get in touch with new APIs like plugin api and how fields are created edited