I'm excited to announce that starting today, Acquia is announcing we're ready to fully support our customers with Drupal 8. This means our professional services, our support, our product engineering, our cloud services … the entire company is ready to help anyone with Drupal 8 starting today.

While Drupal 8 is not yet released (as it has always been said, Drupal 8 will be "ready when it's ready"), the list of release blockers is dwindling ever closer to zero, and a beta-to-beta upgrade path will soon be provided in core. These factors, along with Acquia's amazing team of more than 150 Drupal experts (including a dedicated Drupal 8 engineering team that has contributed to fixing more than 1,200 Drupal 8 issues), gives us full confidence that we can make our customers successful with Drupal 8 starting today.

In the process of working with customers on their Drupal 8 projects, we will contribute Drupal 8 core patches, port modules, help improve Drupal 8's performance and more.

I'm excited about this milestone, as Drupal 8 will be a truly ground-breaking release. I'm most excited about the architectural enhancements that strongly position Drupal 8 for what I've called the Big reverse of the Web. For the web to reach its full potential, it will go through a massive re-platforming. From Flipboard to the upcoming release of Apple News, it's clear that the web is advancing into the “post-browser” era, where more and more content is "pushed" to you by smart aggregators. In this world, the traditional end-point of the browser and website become less relevant, requiring a new approach that increases the importance of structured content, metadata and advanced caching. With Drupal 8, we've built an API-driven architecture that is well suited to this new “content as a service” approach, and Drupal 8 is ahead of competitive offerings that still treat content as pages. Check out my DrupalCon Los Angeles keynote for more details.


Karunakar (not verified):

Acquia is great in taking it further and backing Drupal 8 so that customer will get more confidence

Pradosh (not verified):

Now I believe from your opening speech at Drupalcon Sydney 2013 where you mentioned people thinking about Drupal on same lines as ROR. Drupal 8 should be a strong contender for startups.

Mark Levine (not verified):

Hi Dries, this is a serious statement as you state you have 150 developers ready to compete with the open source community that helped building Drupal.

Can you comment on the fact that one of your colleagues admits that it's true that Acquia is going to compete with the Drupal community by building Drupal sites. Is that why you call it the Acquia CMS in presentations that competes with Adobe instead of Drupal?

I remember you stating you would never compete with the community but work with the community. Is the shareholders power bigger then the believe in open source?

Looking forward to your answer!

Mark Levine



Our intention with this announcement is to let our customers and partners know that we are ready to fully support Drupal 8 today. Our press release named a number of partners who are working with Acquia on this initiative, including VML, Mediacurrent, Phase2, Achieve Internet, Amazee Labs, Chapter Three, Elevated Third, Digital Bridge, Digital Echidna, Duo Consulting, FFW, Four Kitchens, ImageX Media, Motionstrand, OHO Interactive, Palantir.net, Promet Source, R/GA, Trellon, and Zivtech.

The Acquia distrusts often comes from those that believe in the “fixed-pie concept"; that there is only so much work or resources to go around, and as pieces of the pie are taken by some, there is less left for everyone else. The reality is that Acquia is very focused on expanding the pie -- and hopefully many others in the Drupal community are as well. As the pie grows, there is more for everyone.

Acquia has more than 150 Drupal developers across multiple organizations in the company, including engineering, operations, professional services, technical account management. We have a dedicated Drupal engineering team, who exclusively work on Drupal, and have contributed more than 1,200 improvements and committed more than 5,000 patches to Drupal 8. As a part of our commitment to Drupal and "growing the pie", we continue to contribute core patches, port modules, fund contributors, help market Drupal, sponsor Drupal events, and much more.

While Acquia does offer a professional services team, we nearly always work with our partners on building sites. Sometimes we are asked by customers to lead site build projects, but we always involve partners in these projects.

To the best of my knowledge we never talk about an "Acquia CMS" in presentations. It is not what our team is trained to do. Instead, we talk about the "Acquia Platform" which is the combination of Drupal, our cloud products, our tools for developer and dev-op, and last but not least, our analytics and personalization products.

I hope that answers your questions!