For those who haven't seen it yet, we've refreshed the Acquia website, both the design and the content. I think we've taken a big step forward with the new design (apart from putting my picture on the main page). The most noticeable change is that the previous version of the website was targeted at the existing Drupal community, whereas the new version speaks to new and different target audiences; designers, developers, and business owners that might not be familiar with Drupal. This is a fairly radical change in our messaging -- we'll have to see how that plays out for us. We are also trying to highlight more the importance and work of our partners.

To me, this reflects an important trend for the Drupal community at large though. Traditionally, Drupal has been very developer centric and we have grown organically through word-of-mouth marketing and good reputation. While we obviously need to continue to foster that, we also need to get traction with the designer community as well as get the attention of senior business decision-makers. It is something we all have to work on, but I hope Acquia's refreshed website contributes to making that happen.

As always, our website continues to be a work in progress, so let us know what you think! As a reference, I included screen shots of older versions of our site. in March 2008
An early version of, with our original logo and tagline. March 2008. in July 2009 in July 2009


Terry Sutton (not verified):

Great redesign. You can really see the changes - very much for the better.

As I mentioned here before, I'm a Drupal developer working with large corporate health care. I had a few comments.

By way of constructive critique:

I think the Acquia website has two major questions to answer: who and why.

Who is already done. That's the partners and success stories. There are lots of these - very many of them incredibly successful.

What: is still missing for me. I think that the basic questions "What is drupal?" "What is a CMS?" "Why choose Drupal?" all need to come after a basic list of things Drupal can do. Adding a new item to your frontpage's views carousel would make a huge difference. Like so:

What Acquia can do: public websites, intranets, newspaper/publishing websites, huge community websites, video websites, brochure sites, museum websites, event management, data handling/display,etc etc etc.

I think thing the Acquia website needs to scream out-loud is that Drupal is an absolutely limitless web technology - capable of meeting the needs of almost any industry - newspapers/publishers, government, social networks/communities, non-profits, bloggers, etc etc. And that people would be crazy not to choose it as their platform.

I think that angle is key, and I think its missing now. But hey, people call me crazy =)

Ryan (not verified):

Looks sharp! Isn't this post missing a screenie of the new design, though? The pic marked July 2009 seems to be the second of three designs, not the current. And your picture isn't that bad. ; )

bertboerland (not verified):

Very nice site. As with all design, people will like and dislike it.

I like the approach (persona's, roles, target audiences). But...

  • The template is fine but the design looks "cheap". Stock photos in the carousel that don't match color wise dont add value (esp the sillouette one can be found a hunderd times online, and why a black (==negative) background?)
  • The text is written from a publisher instead of reader point of view. For example "How can we help you?" is a call to action but "How Acquia can help with my business needs?" might have been better call to action
  • The "audience persona"s are too political correct for my liking. If you are targeting corporate America this might be fine but at least in the .NL it looks "made up"
  • The radio buttons (tout-pager) on the carousel are overdesigned and counter intuitive
  • The wetfloor effects, the stickers.. nuff said
  • The Drupal power by the people hands-make-tree graphic is horrible.
  • The design elements do not look consistent. For example on products / services the 3d box icon is used. No where on the site this is repeated, not even on a detail page of a product/service.
  • smaller stuff

  • The AJAX tabs on the f/p have round edges, the glow/shadow do not. While the glow/shadow on the active tabs of the primary navigation do have rounded edges
  • The background of an active tabs doesnt match the color of the blue field below it. The background of the logo in the footer isnt transparant and hence doesnt match the gradients of the footer

But, as I said. I like the template, have some problms with the design

Dries Knapen (not verified):

The "audience persona"s are too political correct for my liking. If you are targeting corporate America this might be fine but at least in the .NL it looks "made up"

This was literally the very first thing that crossed my mind as well when I looked at the new design for the first time. And it was also the last thing, because it kept me thinking. This over-political-correctness is so American, and so silly. :)

Apart from that: great looking design and a big improvement!

Anonymous (not verified):

I hadn't scrolled down completely, but I was very impressed with the screenshot.. even when I saw the subline " in March 2008" :-)

But the new site looks quite well, not on the screeshot, but in fullscreen.