For a long time now, I've been saying that we need to train more Drupalistas. Almost every Drupal company I talked to is trying to hire talented Drupal developers, but can't find any, to the point that it is holding back Drupal's adoption.

To help train more Drupal users and developers around the world, Acquia will develop and maintain a Drupal training curriculum, and commercially license the curriculum to our partners so they can more easily deliver training to their customers. Chapter Three has signed on as Acquia's first Drupal training program partner.

Having to develop and maintain high quality curriculum is a lot of hard work. By taking on most of that work on behalf of our partners, we hope to enable them to deliver more training, and to deliver it more cost-effectively. The net result should be that it helps to advance the Drupal ecosystem, and most importantly, that we'll be training many more Drupal people.

We're also excited to share that Heather James will be heading up our learning services. Heather has an extensive background in education, and with user ID 740 on, an extensive background in Drupal as well. We'll develop our training offerings by looking at Drupal as a domain of knowledge, and what it takes to get someone up over the learning curve quickly above the "kick ass" threshold. To craft high quality learning services, we'll be looking closely at individual learners' needs and goals to expand beyond introductory Drupal workshops.

For more information, also read Tom blog's post, Heather's blog post, or heck, even read our press release if you will.


Anonymous (not verified):

Makes me wonder how the Lullabots of the world will react...

Stephen Colson (not verified):

I'm helping pitch a Drupal class (or series of classes) to a local community college soon. Any thoughts or supporting statistics you could provide would be most helpful. I would love to talk more about other possibilities as well if able. (Email please)

Thanks, and congrats to you, Acquia, and Chapter Three!

Tom Geller (not verified):

A very interesting development!

Some people will find standardized training controversial, as it differs from a certification program mainly in that the latter grants, well, a certificate. Certification programs have been topics of hot contention on the Drupal Consultants' mailing list and this post on my blog.

But that'll blow over. I'm on the side of such training, and think it'll strengthen both Acquia and Acquia use within the business community. Congrats.


Tom Erickson (not verified):


Thanks for your thoughts. We continue to look into certification. We are asked regularly by enterprises for help in this area. If you have some thoughts on this, I am sure Heather James, our new Learning Services Manager would love to hear them (me too, just not sure how fast I can digest them!)

Tom Erickson

Dan Frydman (not verified):

This is great news and something we've been looking forward to - for our developers and our clients. It adds some extra gravitas to Drupal to have some officially sanctioned training resources - much as we love and lullabot.

Heather James (not verified):

So glad to have met so many people at DrupalCon this past week interested in training for Drupal.

@Dan (thanks, Tom!) resources are a great start, and there are great training services from Lullabot, Chapter 3, Zivtech, etc... but we haven't even scratched the surface yet.

There is alot more room for training resources!