If you're looking to evaluate Drupal, or if you're a Drupal developer, you have got to check out Acquia's Stack Installer, aka DAMP, that we released at DrupalCon DC today.

No doubt most of you are familiar with LAMP, MAMP, WAMP or XAMPP, which are installers designed to help people get started with PHP applications. DAMP is similar to MAMP, WAMP, and XAMPP, except that it comes with Acquia Drupal, and is specifically tuned for Drupal. The Acquia Stack Installer includes Acquia Drupal, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, and an Acquia Drupal Control Panel.

The installer has been tested on Macs with OS 10.5 (Intel-based, not PowerPC) as well as all major flavors of Microsoft Windows. For Windows and Mac users, it is the easiest way to get started with Drupal. The installer is available for free, and is part of Acquia's efforts to simplify the Drupal experience for non-technical users. We think it will help the Drupal project grow. If you have friends, family, or co-workers that want to get started with Drupal, the Acquia Stack Installer is a great starting point.

While designed for end users, the installer is also good for web development. In fact, as part of our alpha testing, I switched from MAMP to Acquia's Stack Installer, and have already suggested some developer improvements for future releases. One will be to compile the Process Control Extension (PCNTL) into PHP -- something which is not available on MAMP or XAMPP. Enabling PCNTL allows SimpleTest to take advantage of multi-core processors; on a dual core machine this should cut the running time roughly in half.

Give it a try, and let us know if you have other suggestions or recommendations.


Caleb (not verified):

Wow. This is not only great for me as a Drupal developer, but at our last Sacramento DUG meeting I heard first hand how the ability to get a Drupal environment up quickly helped win one of the DUG members a brand new client, and another multi-million dollar company for Drupal; the IT manager of this company, who also attended the DUG meeting at the recommendation of the Drupal developer, used Jumpbox to setup up a local version of Drupal and he told us that it convinced him right there how a) good Drupal is, and b) how much the proprietary CMS he was considering pretty much sucked.

...but the Acquia stack installer sounds so much easier, more-optimized for, (and less money!) than Jumpbox.

Don't imagine that I'll be the only one installing the Acquia stack this week at Drupalcon DC this week. Thanks!

Caleb (not verified):

Got it up and running already - works great, and the installer and interface is really slick. Now to just get my Komodo/Xdebugger working with it. :-)

Btw, if anyone has any issues or needs support on this hit the forum thread at Acquia for the DAMP installer.

Terry Sutton (not verified):

This is the bizness. It might also be the thing to drag Drupal along the long, meandering halls of popular acceptability. I think this measure along with Mark Boulton's work is going to head Drupal off in a great direction.

I still believe that Drupal is what it is because its a 'developer's cms', but I think Drupal can be a lay-persons cms too - and that's when we'll really get somewhere big.

Good show.

Mojzis Stupka (not verified):

I haven't tried DAMP, so probably it is by some miracle in a much better shape, but ... on my relatively decent Vista notebook, Apache and MySQL simply don't perform ... The modules page is a pain (and I'd think this is how Vista behaves ... especially if you have a few other things running ...).

So my solution - thus far much faster (modules in a blink :) - is running a VirtualBox with Debian - the usual LAMP ... I only gave it 256MB, I have drush with no pain, i have a setup similar to my virtual server on the internet ... so work is much more fun recently :) (just waiting for the deploy module to come back)

The whole thing could probably be packaged as well, and distributed along. (I suppose this is similar to what Mike describes? I just don't see the virtualization engine he uses.)