AHOLD, the holding of Albert Heijn, a major Dutch retailer with 100.000 employees worldwide, is using Drupal for their main website: http://ahold.com. (Hat tip: George Moses and Bert Boerland)


Jan (not verified):

Whats with the old people @ the front page? Except the photography it is a nice looking website. :-)

Usamah (not verified):

I believe the website's targeted audience is investors not consumers, so they're eager to show their long-experienced oldies to prove the business's maturity.

The layout is unique. Good website.

Benjamin Melançon (not verified):

It is a nice site. I will buy things at Stop & Shop a little happier today, knowing that some of that money is making it back to someone doing Drupal, although the grocery store was better when it was owned by local rich people instead of a global corporation.

George Moses (not verified):

Actually, I tipped Bert using Twitter.. ;)

AFAIK, AHOLD is the largest company in the Netherlands using Drupal at the moment. Big momentum for Drupal in the Netherlands.

MarsID (not verified):

I think it's very good for Drupal that Ahold is using it. But in my opinion as a designer the design is not good. Some things i like, (header with video, except for the Playbutton:)

But for such a big corporate company i think the design is not consistant through the whole website.

I love Drupal a lot, and theming is not easy sometimes. But i always worked as a designer with technology in my mind. And i never let the technology be compromising for the design. And if you use Drupal the right way, every design is possible.

Long Live Drupal :) The best Open Source Framework around!