I'm pleased to share that Alex Pott (alexpott on drupal.org) has accepted my invitation to become another Drupal 8 co-maintainer, to help move along important issues as we gear up to head into code freeze and then release.

Alex has been working in Drupal for almost 6 years. While relatively new to the core development team, he has nevertheless been an instrumental force in the Drupal 8 Configuration Management Initiative (CMI). This development experience has given him a detailed understanding of various underlying Drupal 8 APIs, which makes him ideally suited to the task of reviewing and signing off on highly technical patches. Alex is furthermore thorough and patient in his technical reviews, and he has been a reliable leader and problem-solver during the Drupal 8 cycle. He is also currently taking time off from work, in order to have more time to dedicate to his family and to Drupal. It's a perfect fit.

When catch, webchick and myself were discussing who would be best to join the core maintainer team, Alex's name was enthusiastically +1ed from each of us. Please make him feel welcome!


jibran (not verified):

Great news more D8 co-maintainer means we'll get D8 faster :).
Congrats alex pott

Catalin (not verified):

Thanks for delivering such a great platform. Thank you and webchick and catch and alex and everyone taking care of the best framework there is!
Thank you!

Django Beatty (not verified):

Congrats Alex, looking forward to D8 this year now :)

EclipseGc (not verified):

Massive congratulations Alex! And well done!