Angela "webchick" Byron

During my keynote presentation at DrupalCon Szeged this week, I announced that Angela "webchick" Byron will be my Drupal 7 co-maintainer. For the duration of one release cycle, she will help me coordinate Drupal 7 development.

The main reasons for electing webchick is her interest in usability, test-driven development and custom content types. Plus, she knows how to bring people on board and how to set them up for success. She is a massive asset for Drupal, and a role model of what a Drupal community member can be.

Keynote drupalcon szeged
Photo credit: Chrys.


Jacob Singh (not verified):

Although I've never met Angie personally, I read just about everything she puts out, and her posts on the dev list are a bright spot of realism, innovation, cooperation and humility amidst what is often a very argumentative tone.

Congrats! I'm sure Drupal 7 will be excellent from her involvement.

R. Muilwijk (not verified):

I think it's a very good choice!

Aaron Winborn (not verified):

Angie is an excellent choice, and will help make Drupal 7 the best release yet! I'm glad she's agreed to it; in addition to all her development work, she's been a great promoter of Drupal, and is one of the few people I think who could handle it well.

deeper (not verified):

Is webchick going to leave Lullabot and accept a job at Acquia?

Anonymous (not verified):

No, Acquia and Drupal are not affiliated beyond the fact that Acquia provides Drupal services (as does Lullabot). Webchick will not have to leave Lullabot.

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