There are two things that I need most; (a) a hair cut and (b) more time. A hair cut I just got last weekend so that leaves me with finding more time.

I need more time because things continue to grow: Acquia now has more than 100 people and a product portfolio with multiple product lines; we're growing the Drupal Association so we can organize more and bigger events and keep improving our website and infrastructure; I'm bootstrapping Drupal 8 development; and more.

While I have many people helping me, I need to continue to scale myself as things grow. There are things I want to do that I'm not currently doing, and there are things I need to do more of. Thus, as a next step in scaling my Acquia and Drupal related work, I'm establishing an "Office of the CTO" at Acquia.

My plan is to hire a select number of people into the Office of the CTO to help me with the many things I do; from working with the Drupal community, to helping with Acquia's product strategy, to researching Drupal competition, business development, and building proof-of-concepts and incubating new ideas. I'm looking for people that want to live part of my life, who can represent me and work directly with me on a day-to-day basis.

The past years I've focused a lot on Acquia's products and product strategy, as well as getting Drupal 7 released. Right now, I feel I need to focus on kicking off Drupal 8 development, streamlining the Drupal Association, and looking for new product ideas for Acquia. If I hire well, I expect to be able to develop both these interests and also develop the people in the office of the CTO. More details to follow.


mandip.singh (not verified):

Hi Dries,

I am more than interested and willing to dedicate my life for Drupal and Acquia. I love drupal as it is helping me and my team grow beyond our boundaries. I can prove that I am qualified & would be perfect for the job.

Hoping to hear back from your end.

Best Regards,
Mandip Singh

Forest Mars (not verified):

Think of all the time you would have saved if you had just skipped the haircut.

tdimg (not verified):

"Acquia's product strategy, to researching Drupal competition, business development, ..."

Sounds like you need a marketing guy with Drupal knowledge, but why would this person sit in the CTO Office and not in the marketing department is beyond me.

By the way, I do have a proper marketing degree and marketing experience and have been using Drupal since 2005, i.e. I am absolutely certain I know all the bits and pieces needed for this job, though I'm not really interested in relocating to the US.

Mel (not verified):

One thing that I feel is being neglected more then anything else is improving and stabilizing Drupal 7. D7 is already a few months old but still has a lot of major bugs that need to be worked out to make it the product everyone envisioned it to be. But D7 seems to be taking a backseat to D8 before it even has a chance to shine.

Pierre (not verified):

You're looking in the wrong place. This blog is from the project lead of Drupal, here you will find long term visions for the project.

If you are interested in the state of bugfixes for Drupal 7 you should take a look here. You'll see that it is far from neglected, with dozens of bugs being worked on daily.

Dries Coucke (not verified):

Simple exercise: thing of one or two things that you know you should be doing (but for some reason aren't) to make your professional live easier. Then draw a quadrant "important/not important - urgent/not urgent". I bet these things fall under important/not urgent.

Key learning: focus on what's important, not on what is urgent. Don't try to become more efficient at handling the urgent/important quadrant, because this will only increase the lack of time (you become very efficient at handling other's urgencies). In other words, don't start taking time management training.

I personally avoid management books at all cost, but there's one I strongly recommend: "The seven habits of highly effective people - rediscovering the character ethic" by Stephen Covey. You will find tons of inspiration in there ... if you find the time to read it, that is.

jwalling (not verified):

To help figure out what is Important or Urgent, another very useful 2x2 matrix is SWOT analysis: Strengths and Weaknesses vs Opportunities and Threats. Depending on scope, it can involve shuffling a lot of index cards or Post-its stuck to walls, whiteboards, and foreheads. It's clean fun for the whole family.

BTW, I put breathing in the Important and Urgent category without using SWOT analysis. ;-)