Today is another big day for Drupal as we just released Drupal 8.1.0. Drupal 8.1.0 is an important milestone as it is a departure from the Drupal 7 release schedule where we couldn't add significant new features until Drupal 8. Drupal 8.1.0 balances maintenance with innovation.

On my blog and in presentations, I often talk about the future of Drupal and where we need to innovate. I highlight important developments in the Drupal community, and push my own ideas to disrupt the status quo. People, myself included, like to talk about the shiny innovations, but it is crucial to understand that innovation is only a piece of how we grow Drupal's success. What can't be forgotten is the maintenance, the bug fixing, the work on and our test infrastructure, the documentation writing, the ongoing coordination and the processes that allow us to crank out stable releases.

We often recognize those who help Drupal innovate or introduce novel things, but today, I'd like us to praise those who maintain and improve what already exists and that was innovated years ago. So much of what makes Drupal successful is the "daily upkeep". The seemingly mundane and unglamorous effort that goes into maintaining Drupal has a tremendous impact on the daily life of hundreds of thousands of Drupal developers, millions of Drupal content managers, and billions of people that visit Drupal sites. Without that maintenance, there would be no stability, and without stability, no room for innovation.


Ankur Singh (not verified):

Yes, it's simply great. We have looked into lots of new features like responsive admin, quick edit, lots of languages at the time of installation and with CkEditor. So overall it is amazing. A big thanks to community.

Alexander Drost (not verified):

From my own professional experience I know what software maintenance means, that's why those people, who keep Drupal what it is, have my greatest respect. A big vurtual thank you to all those caring about Drupal.

Barry Fisher (not verified):

"Without that maintenance, there would be no stability, and without stability, no room for innovation." - this is so true and something clients often miss with their websites and online products.

It's important to not let the technical debt build up and to keep on top of housekeeping tasks, otherwise platforms become burdened and cannot grow so easily. We've seen this first hand.

With regards to the Drupal community - uber-thanks to all the maintainers who quietly work away to ensure the future is bright for Drupal. We cannot thank them enough in my opinion. It's a lot of work for the greater good.

Perhaps we should publish a list of the caretakers who keep the commons great for us all! It would be a small (but worthy) recognition for all the great work that happens behind the scenes - especially with the Security Team and those working on, testbots, infrastructure etc. I know it's possible to delve into specific Drupal project pages to see those maintainers, but what about all of those people who contribute in other ways? Is there something we can do as a community to help recognise those people and their work?

Dries - I know you've spoken about recognising the various way people and companies contribute to the community. Is there somewhere we can see progress to date and a roadmap with these objectives?

Ahmed Eid (not verified):

Thanks, amazing new features, great work!

Shiraz Dindar (not verified):

I agree strongly with this. It's much easier to start something than to maintain it. I have *so much* gratitude for all the maintainers out there. Big ups to these people!!!