Last year in February, I introduced Robert Douglass to Matt Wade, an editor at Apress. Yesterday, 11 months later, I received a copy of the book, Building online communities with Drupal, phpBB and Wordpress, as a result of that introduction.

In roughly 200 pages (the part about Drupal), Robert Douglas teaches you everything you need to know in order to install, configure and maintain a Drupal site. I only spent 2 hours exploring the book so far and already it teached me some new things about some of the contributed modules. I doubt any Drupal user will be disappointed with this book. Highly recommended.


James Walker (not verified):

Sweet but wait ... am I the *only* one who hasn't received my copy yet?? Hrm ... might be time to drop Matt an e-mail.

But, yes, having read the entire Drupal portion (twice) I can say that Robert did an excellent job ... a little something in there for everyone. :)

Stephan (not verified):

Oh yeah, the book dropped in my mail the other day, too. Had it preordered on Amazon. I must say it is great - just brilliant for a Drupal web site developer as a printed reference to common day tasks when setting up a Drupal based web site. This book really takes a lot of myst out of Drupal for the very Newbie and still holds enough note-worthy for the Drupal experienced. The world would have needed this book much much earlier! Greate work!

Vincent (not verified):

I've just finished reading this book and I found it excellent!!

My job is to build websites and I'm considering switching to Drupal for all my new projects. (I'm currently only doing 'hand-coded' PHP/MySQL websites.)

After some investigation, it seemed Drupal would fit the bill. I first went to the Drupal website and printed out all the documentation I could find. Unfortunately, some poorly-edited sections (no offence here, it's just the impression I had) really confused me. I then went to Amazon and found out this book had just been released. I've only read the part on Drupal so far, but I highly recommend it.

For a Drupal newbie like me, it has given me an extremely clear vision of what Drupal is, what it does, and how to install/configure/extend it.

Congratulations to Robert Douglass and the Apress team for the book, and to Dries for creating Drupal to begin with. ;-)