Ashley Tisdale - an actress, singer and television producer - is using Drupal on her official site.

If you don't know who Ashley Tisdale is, it just means you're too old. Bear with me, as with this post, I'm trying to attract more young people to Drupal. ;-)

Ashley tisdale


Ryan (not verified): gets a significant amount of traffic for people searching for pictures of her (b/c of a spam user account). Never knew who she was. : P

eigentor (not verified):

Hehe whoever manages to dominate the cover of the "Bravo" for some time is famous forever. I love her. She did an acceptable Queen of the baddies in this unspeakable movie with two sequels that managed to dominate the Bravo even much longer...

Whoever does not know what the Bravo is comes from the wrong country... :P

Indigo (not verified):

22 and never heard of her. I'm feeling old.