BBC Magazines is the magazine publishing division of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Turns out that they have a number of magazine websites built on Drupal:

Can you feel the love? (Hat tip: Usamah)

Bbc focus magazine


Stephen James (not verified):

This is great news indeed, I built the prototype while contracting there last December which demonstrated to the management team how rapidly quality sites could be constructed.

Besides these titles I believe there are an equal number of titles supporting non BBC branded magazines. Here are another three which the web team built while cutting there teeth on Drupal:

So good to see the new direction working out.

Richard Dennys (not verified):

There are now 25 sites in operation from the team based in Bristol, UK as part of the BBC worldwide / Bristol Magazines partnership. All the specialist BBC magazine sites, except Top Gear, BBC Good Food, BBC Gardeners World, Olive are operated from there.

The main London operation of BBC is still hooked into ASP/microsoft (March 2010) but Bristol is free to choose, and we selected Drupal over a couple of other systems and options back in October 2008.

The team is rolling out a new Drupal migration every few weeks and is now considered a cutting edge in house Drupal shop. Those not migrated to Drupal will have done so by the end of 2011.

Expect more Drupal magic, especially in development of sites driven to grow digital revenues, to follow from Richie Fennell's brilliant, committed team of Drupalnauts down there in the coming months.

Ajay (not verified):

BBC have a lot of other websites too running in Drupal.
Sometimes back I've been there to negotiate a potential contract for one of such websites. I forgot which one was that...