One of the things I'd like to figure out at DrupalCon Brussels, is whether there is enough momentum for a Belgian Drupal User Group. (A group of people that organizes monthly meetings to network and host presentations for Drupal users.) It sounds like a great way to build and maintain a network of local Drupal users, contributors and companies providing Drupal-related services. It is not something I might be able to take a lead in, but it is certainly something I'd be happy to help with.


Roel De Meester (not verified):

Great idea, this is surely something i'd like to actively involved in. I've someone could switch on the profile browsing functionality on the drupalcon site, than it could be fairly easy to pull a list of 'Belgium' attendees. Today's or tomorrow's lunch might be the ideal moment to get those people attention.


Thanks for taking a lead in this, Roel. Maybe corner a small group of interested people tomorrow (including me) so we can figure out the next steps. Lunch would probably be a good time so count me in.

Dries Knapen (not verified):

Maybe it is a good idea to have some people from the Netherlands join in as well? Although distance may be an issue, it may help us to achieve a critical mass more easily.

I spoke with some guys from this morning (a Drupal-deploying design company), and they were interested in getting together as well.

greggles (not verified):

In Denver our critical mass was 10 people. When we have meetings much over 10 people they tend to get a little crazy. We do a "birds of a feather" mixed with barcamp style: we talk about whatever people want to bring. So, if someone has a project they are working on to show off, or to gather questions then it provides the subject for the meeting.

If it can work in spread-out Denver, it will surely work in Belgium.

Bockereyer (not verified):

Put me on the list. Nice to keep it in English -- no discussion whether it should be in Dutch or in French. ;) Maybe we could ask the Luxemburgers to and make it Benelux?