Invest belgium

The Belgium government is using Drupal at

It is the website of "Only in Belgium", a campaign to promote companies to invest in the Belgian industry. The campaign, and the accompanying website, are being promoted in the media and on national television.

The design of the "Only in Belgium" website was done by Prophet and the implementation was done by dotProjects -- two Belgian companies.

I'm told that the "Only in Belgium" website will be translated to seven languages, and that the Belgian government has additional Drupal sites in the pipeline. Good stuff!

It's great to see Drupal gain some traction in governments. If you think about it, Drupal is also the ideal tool for local government websites: it is powerful technology that is cheap and independent and that lends itself to collaboration. Local governments could team up with other towns and local web development shops to work on a common technology platform. What is often missing are local Drupal experts that want to coordinate such initiatives.


Dag Wieers (not verified):

Drupal could have been one of the 'Only in Belgium' products to show off how a small country is leading an Open Source web movement.

On the other hand, the fact that Acquia is not a Belgian company maybe proofs that Belgium somehow is not the first choice, even for a Belgian citizen, to locate a new technology spinoff. Oh, the irony.

I wonder if there is something to learn from your decision,something the government should look. If not Belgium, then maybe at least Flanders could benefit.

Philippe Jadin (not verified):

Proof that Belgium can have a cake and eat it too...

The website (official campaigns to help reduce ill treatment in families) runs on Drupal as well, it's one of the web site from the "Communauté française de Belgique" (Franse Gemeenschap)

I'm coordinating it's evolution. Drupal is clearly a great choice for a one and a half man team like ours :-)

Benjamin Melançon (not verified):

I agree that Drupal is ideal for local governments, but local and willing talent isn't the only blocker.

Here in Natick, Massachusetts, United States of America I am a fairly active citizen, was on town meeting, and - oh yeah - am in a Natick-based Drupal shop.

I have no idea how decisions about its web presence are made by the town, but I understand a fair amount of money has been spent on a lousy web site. If only there were a full, regularly updated, and user-responsive web site, I'm sure it would be easier to get involved in town affairs and projects like these!

Seriously, if people have experience or advice on working with governments, anywhere in the world, I'd love to hear it.

benjamin, Agaric Design Collective

Erik (not verified):

The web version of a weekly three page section about consumer related issues in Belgian's largest newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" is also running on Drupal:
(only in Dutch, I am afraid).

Andrew Becherer (not verified):

The following is a list of Drupal government sites inclusive of Federal, State and Local levels (as well as two NGOs). Some of these sites I discovered on this blog and others I found randomly. I'd appreciate knowing about more Drupal government deployments.

+ NATO Partnership In Peace Training Site

+ Communications Research Centre Canada

+ Office of the Judge-Advocate General, Government of Canada

+ Alpine County, CA

+ City of Enumclaw, WA

+ Indianapolis Museum of Art

+ City of Brisbane, Australia Community Site (

+ United Nations End Poverty Campaign