Prime minister belgium

Today, a new Belgian government has been sworn in, ending a political deadlock of nine months. With our new government comes a new Prime Minister, and with our new Prime Minister comes a new website. It's not quite the same as the constitutional reform that was promised many months ago, but at least the Prime Minister's official website is using Drupal:


Johan VM (not verified):

This is the first time that I'm not that pleased to see someone use Drupal.

I'd say: leave Drupal for what is, go for the constitutional reform! :-)

Great for Drupal though!

bertboerland (not verified):

That is great news and the i18n features of Drupal fit Belgium. I hope though that building this website was a bit faster then forming the new goverment. :-) Looks like Belgium is due for some change. Way to go Drupal and I hope that some of that Drupal love is leaking towards the Netherlands as well. We need that since "Belgen doen het beter".

alex_b (not verified):

This is awesome! And King Albert??

Anonymous (not verified):

King Albert will follow soon! You'll see.

kristine (not verified):

I just discovered Drupal a few days ago for a web site project in the USA. I'm not a professional programmer but an 'amateur' (quite a few years older than you are!). I thougth it was one of the neatest software packages I've ever seen. So easy to use!

Now that I learned it's made by a Belgian I'm so proud of my country!. I actually saw the '' site earlier and I thought it was very cool.

Good stuff guys !! Keep going !!