, the official website of Belgium, is using Drupal at This forum site has been put together in preparation for our Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2010.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect is the fact that the site was built in less than 10 days. The Chancellorship of the Prime Minister picked Connexion to build this site with the help of Internet Architects.

The site is available in 4 languages so all Belgian citizens can express their opinions and engage in interactive discussions about European issues.

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Anonymous (not verified):

I can see it was made in 10 days.

There are some little kinks that have to be ironed out.

For instance, only half of the forum interface is translated.

It's a mixture between English and Dutch, very unprofessional.

Michelle (not verified):

Nice to see they took the time to theme their forum. The ego part of me wishes they were using advanced forum but at least they made it look nice even though they're not. :)


Walter Schroofs (not verified):

This is not an example of a good Drupal site:

  • The translation is executed very bad: When I did a test with the Dutch version of the site, I received a mail in English! Even certain features on the site (when logged in) are not translated. In general that is not acceptable in Belgium, I even think it is not legal.
  • Links have been hidden using CSS tricks - but these links can still be used. I didn't try clicking on them, but this looks like a security issue to me.

It is a surprise to me to notice that Internet Architects delivers such result. They are generally known as a professional company, although they have not done any Drupal projects (as far as I know).

If the Chancellorship of the Prime Minister would have given a little more time to the makers of create this site, the result would have been much much better; and professional Drupal shops might have considered making this site. It would have given a better result; and Drupal would have another site (and an interesting client) to show of with.

PS. I hope they'll let a professional company do a security audit of the website... that might be necessary.

Jo Wouters (not verified):

I can confirm that the timeframe between company selection and deployment was only 10 days; and the final deathline moved a few times during the selection phase - which gave some trouble for some of the other companies that wanted to participate.

Although the site had to be delivered very fast, I'm sure both Connexion and IA will spend the next few weeks ironing out all multi-language and other issues so the site can deliver up to the high standards for Drupal websites that we are getting used to.