Britney Spears' official website just relaunched using Drupal. Check it out at The site was built by her record label, Sony BMG. Oops! We did it again!



Khalid -- 2bits (not verified):

That is it. This is the final straw for me!

It is not enough that Drupal is not OOP PHP. It is not enough that it is not in Java. But now FREAKING BRITNEY USES IT!

I am leaving the Drupal project and community, and going to Rails/Joomla ... ;-)

Brock Eichenhofer (not verified):

Dear Britney,

I am actually emailing you personally to send my best wishes for a smooth transition to a happier time in you life. I am quite a bit older than you and just wanted to tell you that I can actually relate to you in some strange way. I myself am a violinist and my passion is music....all kinds actually. I have never actively sought out your music or news about you because, quite frankly, I never had to. I see and hear you just about every day and realize what a great talent you are. I never really thought much about you until very recently. I find that I can't stop thinking about you and your situation. It seems you can't find a bit of privacy anywhere. I used to think you craved attention and felt you needed to be loved by everyone.

When I saw you crying on the curb near your house in a recent news broadcast, you suddenly broke my heart. You seemed just like a prisoner in disguise. I felt truly frightened for you and wanted to just reach out and hug you. I understand how lonely life can be, especially for someone with depression. I have often had very dark moments of complete and uncontrollable sadness during which nothing can console me. It's a very scary state to be in and it is so good to find someone who really cares about you to help you. I don't know the other side of depression myself, but have worked for many years with bipolar patients as a music therapist at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. The manic times are also very frightening, but the switch from total sadness to mania must be the worst possible state to experience. Right now I am working with people who are dealing with substance abuse problems in Bloomington Indiana. I am really just learning so much about the difficult problems these beautiful people are having with mood disturbances and substance abuse.

Please know that, although I don't know you at all personally, I am very sad and freaked out for you. You are a beautiful girl with two wonderful children who must truly love you and for whom I believe you care deeply as their mother. I want you to find an inner peace that will help you to slow down enough to take a break from all the pain, loneliness and dizzying life you lead. I feel a bit like a father figure or just a good friend, really. Please take a deep breath, hang in there and take a break from everything that's troubling you. You are definitely worth it!! Good luck Britney! Lots of people love you. We want you around! Please hang in there and be good to yourself. Feel free to email me anytime.


Brock Eichenhofer