This year in my keynote at DrupalCon San Francisco, I mentioned that the elephants are coming. Well, earlier this week Capgemini, one of the world's foremost consulting providers with 95,000 employees, announced a new service, Capgemini Immediate. I'm pleased to say that they're using Drupal as a foundational technology for their new Immediate platform.

Capgemini Immediate is an offering which helps organizations to build and run on-line services. It consists of a number of preferred technologies (i.e., Drupal, MySQL, Salesforce, Lithium, etc.), best practices, and an ecosystem of preferred partners of which Acquia is part.

Capgemini Immediate is already being well received and making news. The Royal Mail, the national postal service of the United Kingdom, has signed a large six-year IT contract with Capgemini to transform their on-line services using Capgemini Immediate. With almost 200,000 employees, Royal Mail is the second biggest employer in the UK. Signing of Royal Mail received significant press coverage, including the Wall Street Journal.

The Capgemini stamp of approval, and the fact that Royal Mail will be using Drupal, is tremendous news for all of us. This could be a very important milestone in the history of Drupal -- similar to when Dell and IBM decided to ship machines with Linux pre-installed in 2007.

Incidentally, Capgemini is using Drupal to power their own 95,000 person intranet.


Denis (not verified):

Not sure be named an elephant is so great ;-). Drupal is a great framework, and is heading fast to the enterprise. We've been very happy with it in the past years, keep going!

Thomas Svenson (not verified):


Three big coups (Immediate platform, Royal Mail and CapGeminis Intranet) at the same time.

Wonderful news for the Drupal community. This will only help us grow even further.

What actually impresses me more is that the news about all these great news about big organisations adopting Drupal is that you, Dries, is so calm about it. You stick to your vision and ideas and keep working hard on them. A lot of people would have let it go to their heads and lose track, but you are clearly continuing with your strategy with both feats firmly positioned on mother earth.

Please keep doing what you are doing, it will only lead to more greatness for the Drupal ecosystem.


Jonathan Lambert (not verified):

This is a great development, but definitely, I have to agree with Denis. Capgemini has been involved and around Drupal for at least the last couple of years. I'm thinking the first time we talked to them had to be mid-to-late 2007.

The initiative is exciting, and I'm really excited to see Drupal getting more-and-more involved in Drupal — keep going Cap: we'll meet you half way as a community. :)

Maxime Carey (not verified):

Actually Drupal in the corporate world is not new. I work for CGI and I'm doing Drupal all day long. Heck our own web site is done using Drupal. I just been to Drupal Camp Montreal and people there too were surprise we were doing Drupal. We're working hard inside to make a place for Drupal. For those who don't know about CGI head over there: