Between June 15th and July 15th, SitePoint and Ektron conducted a survey about the state of web development. In total 5,000 web professionals took the survey and the results are made available in a yearly report. One of the questions was: for your web projects, what is the primary type of web content management system (CMS) you use?

Sitepoint cms usage
Source: 2006 State of Web Development, SitePoint Pty Ltd. and Ektron, Inc., August 2006.


Rick Hood (not verified):

I did homegrown CMS for my sites using ASP since 1999, but this year moved to PHP because of all the open source projects available - and settled on Drupal for CMS. I couldn't come within 10% of all the capabilities of Drupal (+ modules) on my own. Drupal is fantastic.