I was interviewed by John Conroy of CMSWire. It turned out slightly more technical and visionary than previous interviews.


Matt West (not verified):

Great interview sorry I just got around to reading it. Dries how does someone get to do an interview with you? I just launched my own Drupal Tutorial site that isn't very big yet but reading your interview makes me wonder as time goes on, and maybe I gain more popularity in the Drupal sphere, if it would be possible to do an interview with you. Just curios - I'm guessing its probably a long shot. It would be geared more towards the beginning Drupal user. Someone who is just walking of the street maybe has little to no programming background and wants to set up a Drupal site. I would pick your brain on what should be learned first, how they should set things up, what modules you recommend for the beginner, etc. Have you done an interview like this somewhere else already?