Dries Buytaert

Content Here reports on Drupal

Content Here, a strategic research company founded by Seth Gottlieb, recently released its report called Drupal for Publishers, a twenty-four page "vendor neutral analysis" of how Drupal succeeds in meeting the unique needs of newspaper, magazine and radio/television sites. The report is available at Content Here's website, in return for a $100 fee via PayPal.

Drupal has had a lot of success in this market, and as the report notes:

In addition to growing, the Drupal community is changing. Originally used for small sites ranging from individual blogs to small community-of-interest sites, Drupal is being adopted as a publishing platform by big-name media sites with millions of unique visitors per month. Early adopters include theonion.com and mtv.co.uk, both with high traffic volumes that silenced doubts about Drupal's scalability. It seems that every day another recognizable media brand announces their migration onto Drupal; most recently Mother Jones, Recovery.gov, and Virgin Radio have been identified as Drupal sites.

Seth passed me a copy of the report and it does address many specific areas that sure to be of interest to publishers and editors of media sites. In particular, I noted the report featured a review of Drupal's basic content entry, workflow, and editorial controls, subjects close to the heart of any publishing platform. In addition, the report includes a number of case studies of other popular sites in the report, including The Onion, NowPublic, FastCompany and MyLifetime.com.

The report is targeted at technology review committees at large media and publishing companies that are considering Drupal as a potential platform. If you're in such a position, or are working with a client that is, this report may be very helpful. It is one of the best analyst reports I read on Drupal.

— Dries Buytaert

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