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Drupal 5 themes book in the mail

Remember how I predicted that 10 Drupal books would get published in 2008? Well, the first book showed up in the mail this morning.

Ric Shreves has written a Drupal 5 themes book. The book is published by Packt, who mailed me a handful of copies to give away at future Drupal events.

I don't have a design background but it looks like a good book that explains the workings of the Drupal theme system and Drupal's PHPTemplate enginge, that explains you how to build a theme, and that provides practical solutions to common problems during that process. If you are a hardcore developer, this book might not be for you.

More information, including a free chapter on how to work with theme engines, can be found at the publisher's website

Book packt drupal5 themes
Book packt drupal5 themes
Book packt drupal5 themes