Remember how I predicted that 10 Drupal books would get published in 2008? Well, the first book showed up in the mail this morning.

Ric Shreves has written a Drupal 5 themes book. The book is published by Packt, who mailed me a handful of copies to give away at future Drupal events.

I don't have a design background but it looks like a good book that explains the workings of the Drupal theme system and Drupal's PHPTemplate enginge, that explains you how to build a theme, and that provides practical solutions to common problems during that process. If you are a hardcore developer, this book might not be for you.

More information, including a free chapter on how to work with theme engines, can be found at the publisher's website

Book packt drupal5 themes
Book packt drupal5 themes
Book packt drupal5 themes


newnix (not verified):

It is a great pity that it is not available online.

dragonwize (not verified):

I received one of the first copies and will be posting a review soon on g.d.o

I have a few of my designers reading it as well and they are having those "ah ha" moments only a few chapters in so it is definitely good for those that use that right side of the brain more.

Luc Van Braekel (not verified):

I received my copy three weeks ago. There seem to be some differences, however. On my copy, the title is "Drupal 5 theming", on your copy it's "Drupal 5 themes". And where your copy is orange, mine shows yellow.

I guess I received a beta version of the book ;-)

artist.lupein (not verified):

Great news.

I've read dragonwize's review and it is pity that CCK and Views theming could not get into the book.

Made me think how hard is to write a book for Drupal. It develops so fast that author can not possibly write up to date book.

I'm going to order a copy anyways.

Anonymous (not verified):

What a shame that Drupal 6.0 came out just two months after the book did. I think I will hold off for the new book.

marc.robinsone (not verified):

You can find my not-so-techie review here.

I have stated a different set of criteria for the benefit of the light-hearted Drupal developers out there.

Over-all, I find this themes book very handy even though we have an online documentation. Either way, this brings more power to Drupal themers.