Video2brain sent me a copy of the Drupal 5 training video they recorded with Hagen Graf, author of a German Drupal book. The video is in German so I can't evaluate the quality of the content, but it sure looks professional. If your German is better than mine, you can get some free video samples from their website. And for every copy they sell, 1.25 EUR goes back to the Drupal project. Sehr cool!



Enrique (not verified):

I'm really surprised that even with huge popularity no one has produced a video tutorial for Drupal in English. I guess this shows the lack of business sense in our community.


I don't know whether our community refers to the English-speaking Drupal community or not, but I'd say most Drupal companies/entrepreneurs are from English-speaking countries.

All it takes to make a video tutorial in English, is one person and some time. It's dangerous to generalize because one German made a video tutorial.

theBorg (not verified):

Great, the dudertown strikes again!