The next version of Drupal will have a lot of great improvements, including an installer, requirement checking for modules, a reorganization of the administration pages and file structure, custom content types, the inclusion of a JavaScript library and much more. After 4 years of Drupal 4 work, the stars have aligned, and we're finally ready to call the next Drupal version, "Drupal 5.0.0". Today, we froze the code in preparation of what promises to be an amazing Drupal release. Soon, the era of Drupal 5 begins ...


Robert Douglass (not verified):

Dries, thank you for your tireless work on this release. Until I became a bit more involved in the core development process, I don't think I realized what an enormous effort you put in reviewing patches, coordinating people, and just seriously thinking about what we want Drupal to be.

Not only that, but you delegated responsibility to Neil Drumm to be a co-committer for the 5.0 release cycle (and he'll be maintaining it after it is released as well), and I think that you made a great decision in doing so. Neil shares your values of measured incremental improvements, attention to detail, discipline, and steady long term commitment. His additions to this release have been significant.

Drupal is on fire; let's get the word out! (Here is the story on Digg.)

Max Bell (not verified):

I don't know why, but it's definately more exciting that it's 5.0.0 than had it been 4.8.0. Go figure.