Dries Buytaert

Drupal 7 commit history

Drupal commit history absolute
We opened the Drupal 7 development branch in February 2008, and released Drupal 7.0 in January 2011. This graph shows the stacked commit history from beginning to end. I appointed Angie as my Drupal 7 co-maintainer in August 2008 after having been the sole committer for 7 months. The peak around August 2009 (the highest peak) was the first attempted Drupal 7 code freeze. The momentum steadily built up towards the initial code freeze date. Interestingly, we remained most productive during the extended code freeze period ... more code freezes are better than one code freeze? ;-)
Drupal commit history relative
I averaged at 3.6 commits per day, whereas Angie's average is 2.6 commits per day (including weekends and holidays).

— Dries Buytaert

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