Drupal 7 has been a multi-year effort on behalf of over 1,000 contributors. Since February 2008, we've manged to make enormous improvements; it is a true metamorphosis for designers, developers, and administrators.

The last months we've seen Drupal 7 getting steadily closer to its release and critical issues dealt with one by one. Release management is not always easy, and I've always based my decisions part on data, and part on my "gut". Both are indicating that it is time to release Drupal 7. It is important to all of us in the Drupal community.

We decided that we will try to release Drupal 7.0 on January 5th, 2011 -- unless we run into outstanding critical bugs that are absolute showstoppers. All software ships with bugs, and sometimes serious ones. If there are remaining critical issues on January 5th, they will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but may be pushed out to Drupal 7.1 release and beyond. With over 28,000 automated tests and thousands of existing Drupal 7 sites "in the wild", Drupal 7 is the most tested version of Drupal in our project's history. Without doubt, Drupal 7.0 will be more stable than the initial Drupal 6.0 release.

Now that the release date is set in stone, we still have 3 weeks to make any final adjustments. The holidays are a perfect time for bug fixing. Get the entire family involved! :)

To celebrate the release of Drupal 7, the Drupal community is organizing world-wide local release parties on Friday, January 7th. If you're looking for a Drupal 7 release party to attend, check http://www.drupal7releaseparty.org or organize your own. So far, we'll have parties in more than 50 cities around the world. Let's see if we can increase that to one in every country in the world!


Tom Geller (not verified):

That number of 1,000 contributors is especially notable when you see that WordPress had a little over 200. According to a private IRC conversation a couple of days ago with a major Joomla developer, they have about the same number for Joomla 1.6.

How was that number calculated? (Want to make sure we're comparing apples to apples....)

Congrats to all! Après le 5eme de janvier, le déluge. ;)

Jeff Geerling (not verified):

Congratulations on this milestone! I've been using the release candidates for a few small sites, and I must say that, from a developer's perspective, D7 is a great improvement... from an end-user's perspective (content manager, etc.), it's incredible—almost like a whole new Drupal.

It's an extra treat that the Drupal 7 'birthday' party will take place on my birthday :-)

I'm proud to be one of the contributors in the 1,000 contributor statistic—even if it's for only one patch.

CongratuAlnonymous (not verified):

One step for Drupal a giant leap for mankind.

droplet (not verified):

Do I count in ? I have contributed 2 or 3 patch. But I haven't a CVS account and no commit stats

I'm happy to see it moving forward

Kars-T (not verified):

I was a bit shocked by the date because I feared I have to reorganise my release party :D

So 5th will be a great day and we will party thw whole weekend. ;)

EvanDonovan (not verified):

Jan. 5 sounds like a great date. I was hoping for a Christmas present, but I'll settle for Epiphany/Three Kings' Day.

Josh Miller (not verified):

Congrats to the whole Drupal community! Coming from a Joomla background I have recently been installing and testing Joomla 1.6 and Drupal 7. I would have to say my vote is for Drupal 7. Thanks for 'converting' me to Drupal!

Vga (not verified):

I've been using Drupal at work for years, and this are very good news!! I'm now testing D7 RC3 locally and all that i can say i'ts... Awesome!

Thank you for this great work!

Anonymous (not verified):

My congratulations!

Preparing my server, web site and MIND to D7!

Unfortunately, the few gan of Drupal lovers are not enough to organize a d7rp in Sri Lanka...

Hector (not verified):

I think this Drupal is going to be a bugfest. It's been two years to shoehorn this release to this position, double the normal time due to absurd changes...and now the major bug queue is at 192 as I write. How many of those would have been "critical" under the old system. 50? 80? 100??

I won't personally be touching D7 until at the very least 7.5 and I would recommend others take the same cautious approach.

The site of webchick madly downgrading critical issues to major in the last month was unedifying.

brizone (not verified):

As a relatively new user to Drupal, who's trying to get a Drupal template out for a dozen state chapters of a national organization ASAP, I take this concern very seriously.

This is the first wind I've had of this, and hope to see a sincere discussion of the degree to which this is true (and if not, why not?).

I'm patiently waiting here to see how the Drupal community handles this sort of dissent and debate: gracefully, or with flames? Very curious to see how this plays out.


Anish Boral (not verified):

Many many congratulations to all Drupal lovers, A perfect gift for this open source giant...

tinflute (not verified):

Congratulations! And thank you so much you 1,000 geniuses! I look forward to using your masterpiece for years and years.

Anonymous (not verified):

Please accept your beliefs are not mine, and 'I'll have double reasons to party' is a correct statement whereas 'we'll have double reasons to party' is not.

Andreas (not verified):

omg... 24 hour to go. can't wait... :)
Thanks so much to all people involved!

swehes (not verified):

I am looking forward to use the sharp version of Drupal 7 after been testing the RCs. Thanks everyone for the great work you have done on this project. :)

Nikos G (not verified):

At last the day has come :D
Many many thanx to Dries and all involved people for this amazing project

jane (not verified):

hey guys where the hell is Drupal 7? Today is already jan. 5th wtf