The past year or so, I've been dabbling my toes in Adobe Flex, a software development kit that makes it easy for application developers to build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). As an early beta tester I've kept in touch with Adobe and under the guidance of Mike Potter (Adobe Flex team), Adobe has since funded Scott Nelson to work on the Drupal services project and the Drupal AMF PHP project. In the process they have also written code that fixes bugs for loading and saving content in Drupal, and more. Thanks Adobe!

A couple weeks ago, I invited Adobe to present at DrupalCon Barcelona and they accepted our invitation: Christoph Rooms will provide a keynote presentation to show how Flex and Drupal can be used together. Furthermore, they'll show how Adobe is using Drupal and Flex for the new Flex website that they hope to launch at DrupalCon Barcelona!

Also, next week on September 5th at 17:00h CET, Mike would love to talk with some Drupal developers about Flex and the code that Adobe has contributed back to the Drupal project. So if you are a Drupal developer interested to learn more about what Adobe is doing with Drupal and Flex or if you have some Flex-related questions, let me know in the comments, and I'll try to get you an invite for the conference call and the online demo on September 5th. (You never know but you might be able to score a free Adobe Flex Builder license key.)


Penar (not verified):

Hi Dries,
That conference call on the 5th sounds like a great idea, especially for those of us in North America who will not be able to make the Barcelona conference.

Adalbert Blumenkohl (not verified):

Lucky you,
think of the australiens!

Jared A. Scheel (not verified):

This is really great news! I am waist deep in combining Drupal and Flash/Flex right now and would really like to see what Adobe has up their sleeves.

toemaz (not verified):

Call me in for a conference call as well. We are investigating to combine Flex and Drupal with SVG as content.

dldege (not verified):

I haven't done the Flex part yet but I've been playing around with making various client side apps (non browser based) that use services and with its xmlrpc server. I've written a few basic services and I have to say I think its more intuitive and a lot more extensible then the core xmlrpc stuff. I think you should give serious thought to moving services into drupal core, using it for all xmlrpc related needs (blogapi, etc.) and all core modules should provide service implementations in core (profile, node, etc.) making it easy to control the full power of drupal remotely over any server implementation - its really that good IMO.

zoo33 (not verified):

Very interesting! Me and my colleque would love to participate if there's room.

Aaron Winborn (not verified):

Wow! Sounds fun! Definitely count me in. I've only watched Flex from the sidelines thus far, but am very interested in learning to develop with it, having been a long-term developer in Flash. Neil and I just launched Maplight's Presidential Fundraising Widget which integrates Drupal and Flash, and I can't wait to learn more about the potentials and benefits of integrating that sort of thing with Flex. I suspect that many of my challenges with developing this widget would have been alleviated.

Mike Potter (not verified):

Hey everyone:
Thanks for the great response. The URL for the meeting will be

Feel free to connect to that. The dial in information will be posted in the meeting room, but I'm going to try and have the VoIP working so you don't need to dial in.

We will be showing the new Flex showcase application, which replaces the existing Flex showcase at I'm happy to answer any questions about what we did - all the code that we've written for the Services module will be submitted back into the codebase.

I'd like to echo the comments above: Services/ should be made as part of the Drupal core. in fact, I'd like to see all modules exposing services for their functionality, and then making the HTML template use those Services, instead of assuming that all output will be HTML. I think this is a major problem for all PHP applications, and would love to see Drupal lead the way here.

In any event, I'm glad you'll all be attending the session. I will try and have it recorded so that others can see and listen if they can't attend live.



Peter Bowyer (not verified):

I'd be very interested in the Flex conference call - tying Flex and Drupal together is something I've been thinking about but haven't done yet.

gavri (not verified):

Hi, I would like to attend in the conference as well.
I'm now building an online application using Drupal, services, AMFPHP and Flash and I want to start using Flex as well and to see the new possibilities. Thanks, I'm looking foreward this meeting.


Josh Kopel (not verified):

I have been using Drupal as a "backend" for Flash sites for a while. I am now looking at combining it with both Flex and/or AIR. I would love to be on the call!

EclipseGc (not verified):


I'd LOVE an invite to the meeting, and this all sounds quite interesting.


snowball (not verified):

Please count me in, if it is not too late. Just heard about this and am very excited to get started in Flex with Drupal.

Chris (not verified):

Can you please confirm that this recording will be posted - just starting a Flex/Drupal project and desperate to see what Adobe might be contributing to services

Thanks in advance