Book shelf

Earlier this morning, a new Drupal book was delivered and I officially ran out of Drupal shelf space! Drupal books are now starting to threaten the books on my Enterprise Java shelf. ;-)


Andreas (not verified):

What, no "Cracking Drupal"? I got my copy this week from amazon and it's an excellent guide to Drupal security written in the most accessible language.

But then again you probably don't need such a book. :o)


I'm still waiting for my copy of "Cracking Drupal". Looking forward to it though!

Anonymous (not verified):

Maybe "SELECT DISTINCT Drupal FROM Graf" would do the trick.

Onno (not verified):

What is the best book for non-programmers(!) that explains all the config options and possibilities of the system?

Preferably with best practices and real life examples.

ksenzee (not verified):

I'd recommend "Using Drupal". Lots of site recipes, written for non-programmers by some of the best in the business, published by O'Reilly.

Usamah (not verified):

Drupal 5 Recipes book in May 2009?

venkat-rk (not verified):

Blow to the ego - I thought I had all the books, but how did I miss Drupal 5 Views Recipes?

The problem of plenty is a nice one to have in any field in life. :-)

Dude (not verified):


confetti (not verified):

@D'Arcy Norman
What I learnt as a child - what is long ago so I hope it is still true:
The backs of books in Germany are printed one way, books from the US in the other way. I did not check the other countries. So it might help to sert by language? :-)

seutje (not verified):

Pft, you don't need that enterprise Java shelf anymore ;)

Best start reserving some space for more Drupal books.

Think you'll ever get rid of the D5 ones?