Tomorrow is DrupalCamp Paris and 60 people signed up. Next week is DrupalCamp New York and 60 people signed up already. Two of my favorite cities in the world. Insane!

(Like a BarCamp, a DrupalCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference driven by its attendees. It is free and open for everyone but it has no visitors, only participants.)


Victor Kane (not verified):

We're not New York or Paris, and we're just having an informal get together today (most people are away on Summer Holidays), but today is the 2nd Buenos Aires Drupal Users Group Meetup!

We're proud to work to bring together all the "PorteƱo Drupaleros"!

We're going to have a demonstration today on how to set up a lite Customers Relation Management intranet with Drupal 5.0, CCK and Views, and discuss bug hunting vis a vis RC2.