The demand for Drupal talent continues to exceed the supply! What will we do about it?

Job trends july


Michelle (not verified):

Keep it that way! It will keep the value of the product high.

jcisio (not verified):

The absolute values show that all 3 have the same percentage, ie, the same job number.

About the relative values, I think that they are compare to values in July 2005. If at that time, there were 2 Joomla! jobs and 1 Drupal job, then the relative value of Drupal is always twice that of Joomla! if they are the same absolute value.

Michelle (not verified):

I'm going to disagree with the other Michelle. While it's nice that the demand is high and therefore work is easy to find, it could reach a point where folks don't want to use Drupal _because_ it's too hard to find help with it.

I don't know if there's a solution other than keep training folks and keep making Drupal better so people want to dive in and get the talent that's so desperately needed.


develCuy (not verified):

We are aware of it in Peru already(a country in South America). The unexpected demand started on Jan-Feb, that is usual, but was sustained along the year
Based on it and your call for more mentors than leaders, Drupal PerĂº started to work on Drupal tailors. Demand is good, but as time passes and Drupal tools evolve quickly, we need guide from techno junkies. It is not just about following you, moshe, chx or webchick, we need processed information, perhaps a knowledge as guide to use "the better Drupal stack(core+contrib+customization) for *such* case".

And what about Drupal Dojo?, we can't lost the opportunity to "conquer the world" because of a repetitive "walk over", we need more Drupal players in the Web yard. Drupal Association does cool with promoting Drupal, we have incredibly awesome Drupal cons&camps, folks can't dream because of the Drupal 7 wonder. But this is dialogue between customer and provider:

c: Can you develop a new site IN DRUPAL for me?
p1: Sorry, I'm overwhelmed of work... I can suggest you another providers.
c: Can you develop a new site IN DRUPAL for me?
p2: Cool, please wait a couple of weeks until I we finish our current project.
c: Can you develop a new site IN DRUPAL for me?
p3: Have you already looked at or some other Drupal job posting?

Customer will finally got a project done in Joomla, CakePHP or some closed source solution. In fact, I have lost a customer which now works with .Net :(

Blessings and keep the good work!

PD: Thanks a lot for Mollom, I have more free time since I use it.

Terry Sutton (not verified):

And just wait for D7!

The major hurdle for people I show Drupal to is the UI. When this gets fixed, I think there will be major adoption among users, and conversion among developers.

Already with the Admin module the game has shifted. I think if Drupal got into the hosted blog/website business like WordPress and typepad and blogger, etc, things could take off in a HUGE way.

Steve (not verified):

While its good to have a reasonable demand a complete oid of easily ascertained talent creates a multitude of problems.

One of which is from the corporate side, I am a CIO of a media company in the US, is that the ease of finding qualified talent at reasonable prices is a factor in determining the platform you use.

Second, you tend to see a flood of people who are not particularly well versed in the product, ie not experts, flock to the money. Take a lesson from Cisco who years ago raised the bar on their certifications because so many people were "Cisco Certified" yet had trouble spelling IOS.

As a company we hate to be beholden to a few high end people because the market is void of qualified individuals. It tends to cost us too much as far as time and money and will make us shy away from introducing the product.

IMHO steady growth is much better than the current explosion and the community needs to be concerned with the dilution of talent as it will reduce the perceived quality of the overall product

Cary Gordon (not verified):

Forget rent. It can buy you a house.

Shortage of Drupal talent, and lack of effective and available programs to train developers is a huge problem. If we don't fix it, some organizations will give up on us. Some already have.