Back in the early days of Drupal, looked like this:

Drupal com as launched in 2005.

On August 14 2009, I relaunched to replace the oh-so-embarrassing placeholder page. The 2009 re-launch turned into a better spotlight for Drupal. It wasn't hard to beat the white page with a Druplicon logo.

Drupal com as launched in 2009.

What was a good spotlight five years ago though is no longer a good spotlight today. Five years later, didn't do Drupal justice. It didn't really explain what Drupal is, what you can use Drupal for, and more. Along with sub-optimal content, the site wasn't optimized for mobile use either.

Today, exactly five years later to the day, I'm excited to announce that I relaunched again:

Drupal com devices

Redesigning to make it more useful and current has been one of my New Year's resolutions for a number of years now. And as of today, I can finally strike that off my list.

The new has become richer in its content; you'll find a bit more information about Drupal to help people understand what Drupal is all about and how to get started with Drupal. On a desktop, on a tablet, on a phone, the site has become much easier to navigate and read.

I believe the new is a much better, more relevant showcase for Drupal. The goal is to update the site more regularly and to keep adding to it. My next step is to add more use cases and to include short demo videos of both the Drupal backend as well as the showcases. will become an increasingly helpful resource and starting point for people who are evaluating Drupal.

Drupal com mobile

The changes are not limited to content and look; also has a new engine as the site was upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 alpha (don't try this at home). We're using Drupal 8 to push the boundaries of site building and responsive design and to uncover bugs and usability issues with Drupal 8. Because we're using an alpha version of Drupal 8, things might not function perfectly yet. We’d still love to hear feedback from designers and front end developers on how it’s working.


Kevin (not verified):

The 'main' Drupal site landing page should be this. Digging in should get you to

Almost everyone lands at currently and if they aren't developers, can't make heads or tails of what Drupal is.

Kevin Althaus (not verified):

Looks great, good feel, and love how it spotlights the people and companies using Drupal. How long has been alive for?

Ahmed AlQahtani (not verified):

Great! I like the new site, but as Kevin said on the first comment; all search engines will take you to .org site which is currently the known landing page for Drupal ..

Murat Vekiloglu (not verified):

Great work! You should change the images at the footer, their resolutions are not suitable.

Akhil Shayam (not verified):

In latest design what is significant to my is you added Weather dot com, Harvard University, NBC, White House, Teslr and Grammy. New developers who are willing to use Drupal will be encouraged seeing some authority sites like these are built upon Drupal! I hope Drupal will continue its online endeavor and continue its success as it is doing since 2005! :)

jen (not verified):

I think it's downright hilarious that I have been building Drupal sites since 2009 but this is the first time in that 5'ish years that I have ever even seen the site! I didn't even know it existed until today. Not sure how that happened but I agree with the first poster that it would be neat to have the site have a lovely entry like and then you can 'dig in' to the org site. I can't fathom how I've never been to before when I spend pretty much every day working on something to do with Drupal. Site looks great though! Now I know where to send clients when they wonder what the H Drupal is.