It has been exactly one month since we released Drupal 4.7.0 and we have nearly broken 50,000 downloads. The Drupal 4.7 videocasts have been watched over 25,000 times, and have added 400GB of traffic to our monthly bandwidth usage. Not too shabby.

Absolute download statistics
Relative download statistics


Anonymous (not verified):

Does that include CVS checkouts and exports?


It does not include CVS checkouts. Neither does it include installations through Linux distributions, CD-ROMs, hosting companies, etc.

Dries Knapen (not verified):

50.000 sounds quite impressive!

Just to be able to put those numbers into perspective, I was wondering what the average monthly download rate of 4.6 was a) right after the release of 4.6, and b) during the last few months before the release of 4.7?


I added two graphs to help us understand the dynamics. They depict a number of interesting trends.

chx (not verified):

Next time, I think we should be more careful what we call "beta". I have memories from January and seeing several thousands (almost ten thousand?) downloads of that scares me.

Arnab Nandi (not verified):

I would expect the May 2006 green part (4.7) to be much much larger, considering that it should include people upgrading from 4.6.x AND 4.7-beta/rc, in addition to the new downloaders. Theoretically, this should have been a nice spike (it only seems to be a simple growth), given the additional marketing via Google SoC / Digg, etc -- it's curious that this is not the case.

Bèr (not verified):

Since Drupal core is only part of what people need, I expect the June bar to be a spike instead. Lots of people will try out Drupal, but the amount of people hopping over from 4.6 will be really big once the majority of contributed modules are compatible with Drupal 4.7. By now that is almost the case.

drupalec (not verified):

This is a far larger number than I would have expected, given that Drupal had about 50,000 registered users (cumulative) and about 50,000 sites a few months ago.

Is it possible to get the number for just one version, such as Drupal 4.7.0? I know I've downloaded 3 different Drupal 4.7 versions myself.