According to Jo Wouters, Drupal was just featured on "De Canvascrack", a quiz on Belgian television. I know it is a quiz, but I don't think Drupal has ever been featured on television in such a mainstream way. Cool!

The question on the TV screen is in Dutch but reads: What was used to build The White House's site?. Picture taken by Jo Wouters.


Luis (not verified):

What is even nicer is that the correct answer is Drupal.

Jo Wouters (not verified):

Yes, the guy got it correct.

Question was: "What was used to build The White House's site?"
He could chose between 3 possible answers: Drupal, Flickr, Safari and correctly chose Drupal. A second contestant also knew it was Drupal.

dougvann (not verified):

I'm already considered an out of control zealot for Drupal. When I go sharing this story I'm going to get some negative feedback! That is what happened when I showed pictures of the Drupal bicycle. Some comments were, "People will star thinking you're a cult!"

Oh well.... I can't stop blowing this horn!

Isn't it sad that some ppl are really really genuinely angry about the press and attention and hoopla surrounding the Drupal community and project?

Thom (not verified):

Drupal was also an answer of a multi-choice question in a New Zealand newspaper daily quiz the other day.