License plate

A car has been spotted with a Drupal license plate that reads 'Drupal star'.

So who's car is it? Take a guess in the comments.

I know the answer and will share it in the comments later today. :)


Brian Morris (… (not verified):

Proving the report that Drupalers get paid more. You don't see Wordpressers rollin' in M5s!

Michael Prasuhn (not verified):

Hrm, the photo's appear to be by someone in LA, but they are also tagged DrupalCampLA 09.

DrupalCampLA 09 was held in Orange County where an M-series is a fairly common car, although this is an M5 which would be fairly rare even there.

There is also the possibility that someone drove this some distance to get to DrupalCampLA. Maybe someone that has a Habit of Working somewhere in the Sacramento area?


Shawn is right! It is Cary Gordon's (event organizer at the Drupal Association).

garbanzito (not verified):

@nightS: because the top of the tail is concave so the reflection is inverted as yours would be if you stood some distance from a magnifying mirror; you can also see upright feet on the convex bumper.

By the way this doesn't so much look like a car that's been "spotted in the wild" as a car that is parked in a suburban home garage.