I received a plaque on behalf of the Drupal community. Why? Because we made it to EContent's list of the top 100 organizations that matter most in the digital content industry. More information at the EContent 100 website. It is always great to see our outstanding work being recognized. Good work team!



Jon (not verified):

Wow, this is just amazing. Drupal has impressed me so much, and continues to impress me. I'm only 16 but have already designed, built, and launched a few sites with Drupal.

Drupal, you're awesome!

Bevan (not verified):

I find it odd that they awarded this to Drupal, even though Drupal is not a company. If you read the letter in the second image above, you'll see the second sentence reads:

"The EContent 100 Awards represents the premier list of the digital content companies that matter most."

Roel Guldemond (not verified):

I like especially: "category Social Media", on bottom of plague, as pictured on first image above.

Gerard (not verified):

Drupal seems to be making massive strides in the last year. You were the reason I stopped building bespoke CMS systems and started to focus on site architecture and usability.

With great CMS solutions like Drupal out there, it's a waste of time and energy to build from the ground up.

I guess what I'm saying is - keep up the good work Dries and the Drupal team.